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for attending our webinars, events, meetings, and for your support on our mission to financially empower women through multifamily real estate.
We are noticing some distress in Texas secondary markets and from reliable economists see more coming.
we have decided having a fund to capitalize on these opportunities is the next smartest move!
A little about what we’re doing- and how we are different-

For any accredited investors looking to invest in c class apartment assets we have a fund in the works it’s named after Kaylee’s grandmother 👵.

It’s a drawdown fund meaning we will essentially need a deposit and then do a “capital call” once properties are under contract and targeted for investment by the fund.

This is a female focused fund.

For the men in the fund you must (on your subscription) identify a female mentee and if you keep up to date her quarterly reports in our investor portal, you will get a higher preferred return.

In the last 6 months we have paid out 121k from only 2/7 properties in the portfolio (waiting on the rest of the total numbers).

If you’re interested in proven mailbox money we want to give you a shot to get on the waitlist to the fund-

Here’s the form to get on the fund waitlist! You can find our form be clicking HERE:

Fund Waitlist/Investor Questionnaire for VernaFund20 Apartment Queen™ Investments  

If you would like to schedule a 15 minute call please click here:
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