Grow your wealth with Multi-Family Real Estate

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Grow your wealth with Women in Multi-Family Real Estate

Founded by entrepreneur and women’s-empowerment advocate, Kaylee McMahon, Apartment Queen Investments provides wealth-building opportunities for women with the goal of helping them gain financial freedom. Because independent wealth is key to escaping domestic violence and financial abuse.

Apartment Queen Investments is committed to increasing women’s representation in and understanding of the real estate industry, currently valued at over $176.8 billion USD

Why Apartments?

Apartments boast a dependable income stream while providing multiple opportunities for forced appreciation, making them ideal CashGrowthTM’ properties. Predictable and strong demand positions apartments as a dependable asset class with strong returns for investors. Within this asset class, we typically target Class B/C apartments in great locations with a clear value-add plan, allowing for day-one cash flow while also maintaining the ability to force appreciation.

Grow your wealth with Multi-Family Real Estate

Turning unprofitable properties into cash-generating assets

The Fund is offering its first Female-focused Reg D and Reg C CF limited liability company membership interest units (the “Interests”) on a private placement basis to investors who satisfy the eligibility standards described in this Memorandum. At present, the Fund anticipates raising the maximum amount allowable under Regulation CF on a “best effort” and first-come first-serve basis, which means subscriptions will be accepted on a rolling basis, regardless of minimum amounts totally raised (the “Offering”).

We are targeting secondary market post-covid 19 affected assets. Our first identified asset is in Corpus Christi with more to come

The Team Performance

The Team

Silicon Prairie

crowdfunding portal

As the founder of The Apartment Queen, Kaylee McMahon is the driv-ing force behind our company’s vision. With an extensive background in real estate development, she has pur-chased over $68.2 million in real

Kristy Siple


I am a certified public accountant serving small to mid-size businesses. I have gained a broad experience with a variety of business industries however the top three are real estate, construction, and manufacturing.

Adnan Merchant

REG D counsel

Adnan assists real estate syndicators, venture/private equity funds, and startups with private placement investment deals. He focuses his practice on structuring investment funds, private securities compliance, and closing private investment offerings.

Dugan Kelley

Crowdfunding atty

Kelley Clarke, PLLC Managing Partner January 2018 – Present (4 years 6 months) Kelley Clarke, PLLC Christman, Kelley & Clarke, PC Managing Partner December 2008 – Present (13 years 7 months) Cappello & Noel LLP Attorney/Partner 2005 – 2009 (4 years)

Shereena Wilson


I am a dynamic, hardworking person. I had done ACCA. I have a experience in professional freelance on Upwork as well I played a roll as chief finical officer in King fasial hospital Kigali. Know I am doing work as virtual CFO In this Firm.

Fund Manager

Kaylee McMahon

We help women create independence through leadership and passive income from investing in apartments. Get qualified for our next deal-

We are led by our passion

Our mission can’t happen without you. As an investor, you benefit from this work by generating stable passive income streams to live a better life. So you can double your investment while also assisting women to reach greater financial security and freedom.

Who qualifies as accredited to Invest

Your net worth is $1M+, not including your primary res-idnce

Your anual income is $200K+ if single $300k+ if Marrid

You are an active investment advisor with series 65,7,83 Licenses

any company with 5 Million in assests

If you are not accredited you can get Invested by clicking on this form

Maximize Returns Minimize Risk

Vernafund20, Amarillo, Corpus Christi, San Marcos, Houston, Killeen, Dallas, Austin Secondary markets in TX, Class C+ TO A-distressed MultiFamily

Fund Targets


Internal Rate Of Return


Average annualized returns


Equity Multiple Minimum

1-20 million


7-7.25% depending on shares class


The Fund’s objective is to

Effectively deploy when new proceeds of this Offering into assets which are designed to:

1: Provide Members with a Distribution of the Net Cash Flow. The Members will be subdivided into two classes, with Class A Members receiving eighty percent (80%) of the Net Cash Flow allocated to their class as a proportion of the amount of funds raised within the class to the total amount of funds raised from Members overall and Class B Members receiving twenty percent (20%) of the Net Cash Flow allocated to their class as a proportion of the amount of funds raised within the class to the total amount of funds raised from Members overall. Class A shareholders will see an initial preferred return of 7%.

Those Members who fill out their subscription documents on the funds initial offering (WHEN NO ASSETS ARE IDENTIFIED BY THE FUND) To an immediate (within 1 calendar day) 10% deposit of their total funds subscribed to.  Banking institution is already established for the company by the manager APQFUNDMGR LLC. If there are fund targets identified wire is due for 100% of subscription within 7 CALENDAR days of subsription.

Any member who is male MUST select and work with a female mentee who is named on the member’s subscription documents.


After 1 calendar year of mentee reporting quarterly in the investor portal, said mentor/ Class-A2 shareholder shall receive 7.25% preferred return paid out quarterly.

A capital call will occur when there is an asset (s) identified for purchase. Class A shareholders are REQUIRED to contribute the remaining 90% of their subscription amount within 7 calendar days of notice (cutoff date) or the fund will retain the initial 10% deposit as a fee for non-contribution. Any subscribed Members who invest after the cutoff date set by the Manager for Class A Membership will Incur a late fee equal to, not less then 10% of said limited partners’ subscribed amount.


The Fund will endeavor to produce a targeted overall IRR in the range of fifteen percent (15%),

cash on cash in the range (9%), and

exit equity multiple in the range of 1.75x -3.00x 

minimum of net of fees and expenses and Ultimately provide Members with a targeted full return of Capital Contributions.

No assurance can be given when these objectives will be attained or that the Fund’s capital will not decrease, or that an Investor’s investment will not be lost entirely. The Fund’s strategy will be to offer and produce risk-adjusted returns by acquiring, repositioning, refinancing managing, and disposing of undervalued and/or value-add multi-family properties.


The Fund will focus on distressed properties, including but not limited to Bank owned, operationally deficient, foreclosures, off-market, listed from market, price reduced and COVID 19 affected vacant properties.

The target markets and properties should generally possess the criteria that allows for underwriting and returns that meet the Fund’s objectives, Yes, however, the Fund may invest in other target markets and cash flowing and potentially cash flowing assets (including commercial, senior living, mobile home parks, self-storage, mixed-use, office, retail, notes and/or single family) in which Manager believes that the assets can be effectively underwritten.

The Fund may also make loans on similar asset classes to affiliates and non-affiliates, with the following being the general outline of properties to be acquired and held by theFund:


Type of Investment Primarily Multi-Family Property Class All Classes No. of Units 25-1,200 Price $500k to $15m Target Markets United States Target Cash on Cash 9%-13% Leverage 50%-80% Targeted IRR 15% Existing Occupancy 0%-100% Investment Term 3-7 years.


 The Manager believes that Fund performance will be enhanced by focusing on cash flow. When analyzing potential acquisitions, the Manager will look for investments where its particular skill set may create value -acquisition and throughout the holding period. The management team will continue to do their best to focus on efforts to consistently apply the Fund’s strategy.


To this end, the Manager may: 1) Co-invest in Class A, Class B, and Class C multi-family apartments communities in quality locations adding value employing third-party hands-on management and/or appreciation potential.



Use of proceeds-

The Fund will invest, directly or indirectly, in the investments. The Fund will also use the offering proceeds to pay or reimburse the Manager and its affiliates for legal, accounting, due diligence, marketing and other expenses relating to the formation or operation of the Fund, to pay fees to the Manager as described herein, to provide working capital for the Fund and to establish reasonable reserves to meet the Fund’s obligations.


Fund expenses-

The Fund shall be responsible for all out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the Manager and its affiliates in connection with the Fund’s business, including:

(a) all expenses of organizing the Fund and offering the Interests in the Fund, including legal, accounting, tax advice, consulting fees, and all such other reasonable and necessary fees; and

(b) costs and expenses incurred in connection with the Manager’s performance of its duties including

 (i) ALL indemnification costs,

(ii) fees and expenses of professional service providers and third party transaction, pursuit and investigation costs (regardless of whether the transaction has been completed);

 (iii) legal, audit, tax preparation, investment management, administration and payment information systems and investor platforms and accounting fees and costs;

(iv) marketing costs in connection with offering and selling the Membership Interests to Members, including without limitation any and all registration and filing fees, sales commissions, blue sky fees, and

(v) administration, record keeping, investor relations and investor mailing and communication costs.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Fund will not be responsible for the compensation of officers and employees, office overhead or other expenses of the Manager.


Sale of assets to the fund-

The Manager, in its discretion, may consider purchasing assets of the Manager’s Affiliates and other funds established by the Manager at fair market value ( established by an independent third party) if such investments satisfy the investment criteria of the Fund.



At the Fund’s expense, the Manager may cause the Fund to purchase insurance coverage for acts for which indemnification would be available, including coverage for the Indemnified Parties.


Use of professional service providers-

The Manager may, in its sole discretion, engage any affiliated professionals and service providers or outside professionals and service providers on behalf of and at the expense of the Fund on arm’s-length terms. When affiliates are engaged, the transaction shall be on arm’s length terms. No professional or other service provider will be disqualified from providing services to the Fund or its affiliates because of the provision of services by such professional or service provider to the Manager or its affiliates, related to the Fund’s business or other activities.

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Multiple Investor classes Available

 Accredited InvestorAccredited InvestorNon - Accredited Investor ( CF )Non - Accredited Investor ( CF )Non - Accredited Investor ( CF )
A ClassA-2 Mentor ClassClass A-1( Spv-1 )Class B ( Mentor )Class B-1Mentor ( SPV2)
Cashflow ( Pref )7%7.25%7%7.25%7.25%
Membership Ownership (Split)80/2080/2080/2080/2080/20

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Educating Shevestors

We’ll review your answers to the form above and establish which of our current deals is the best fit for your needs.

Finding Opportunities

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Why should I invest in to a Real Estate fund?

Why invest in Multi-Family Real Estate with Apartment Queen Investments?

Benefits like consistent cash flow, reduced taxes, doubling your investment, and large economies of scale (discounts=better returns). Real estate has outperformed the stock market by approximately 2:1 since 2000 (earning 10.71% annually versus 5.43%). But—when you invest in real estate actively/directly, you’re investing in a lot of responsibility and time also.

By investing in a multi-family real estate fund, like our signature offer, Vernafund20, you save yourself from the headaches of being directly involved in the deal:

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accredited investor, in the context of a natural person, includes anyone who:

earned income that exceeded $200,000 (or $300,000 together with a spouse or spousal equivalent) in each of the prior two years, and reasonably expects the same for the current year, OR
has a net worth over $1 million, either alone or together with a spouse or spousal equivalent (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence), OR
holds in good standing a Series 7, 65 or 82 license.

NON Accredited

Everyone else