Grow your wealth with Multi-Family Real Estate

Invest in Vernafund20, the #1 Female-Focused Apartment Fund

Grow your wealth with Multi-Family Real Estate

Founded by entrepreneur and women’s-empowerment advocate, Kaylee McMahon, Apartment Queen Investments provides wealth-building opportunities for women with the goal of helping them gain financial freedom. Because independent wealth is key to escaping domestic violence and financial abuse.

Apartment Queen Investments is committed to increasing women’s representation in and understanding of the real estate industry, currently valued at over $176.8 billion USD

Grow your wealth with Multi-Family Real Estate

Who qualifies as accredited to Invest

Your net worth is $1M+, not including your primary res-idnce

Your anual income is $200K+ if single $300k+ if Marrid

You are an active investment advisor with series 65,7,83 Licenses

any company with 5 Million in assests

If you are not accredited you can get an involve by clicking on this form

Turning unprofitable properties into cash-generating assets

Apartment Queen Investments has taken 3 properties “from cradle to grave” in the last 2 years alone. In 18 months, our founder, Kaylee McMahon has raised over $3.5 MM in funds.

We follow a proven framework to identify investment properties that meet our 5 core criteria—and only invest when we’re confident the asset will lead to a strong return.

Let me give you our investor quiz so you’ll be put into the list for events and deals You can find my form “The Apartment Queen™ Investor Questionnaire” at:

What happens next?

Educating Shevestors

We’ll review your answers to the form above and establish which of our current deals is the best fit for your needs.

Finding Opportunities

If you’re an Accredited Investor looking to invest $50k+ we’ll get in touch to book a 1:1 Connection Call with with a member of our team. Keep an eye out for an invitation in your inbox!

Invest In Apartments

Not Accredited? No worries. Our new crowdfunding platform means our offers are more accessible than ever. You can now access our best deals for as little as $5000.

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Fund Manager

Kaylee McMahon

We help women create independence through leadership and passive income from investing in apartments. Get qualified for our next deal-

The Team

Silicon Prairie

crowdfunding portal

As the founder of The Apartment Queen, Kaylee McMahon is the driv-ing force behind our company’s vision. With an extensive background in real estate development, she has pur-chased over $68.2 million in real

Kristy Siple


I am a certified public accountant serving small to mid-size businesses. I have gained a broad experience with a variety of business industries however the top three are real estate, construction, and manufacturing.

Adnan Merchant

REG D counsel

Adnan assists real estate syndicators, venture/private equity funds, and startups with private placement investment deals. He focuses his practice on structuring investment funds, private securities compliance, and closing private investment offerings.

Dugan Kelley

Crowdfunding atty

Kelley Clarke, PLLC Managing Partner January 2018 – Present (4 years 6 months) Kelley Clarke, PLLC Christman, Kelley & Clarke, PC Managing Partner December 2008 – Present (13 years 7 months) Cappello & Noel LLP Attorney/Partner 2005 – 2009 (4 years)

What is crowdfunding?

Why should I invest in to a Real Estate fund?

Why invest in Multi-Family Real Estate with Apartment Queen Investments?

Benefits like consistent cash flow, reduced taxes, doubling your investment, and large economies of scale (discounts=better returns). Real estate has outperformed the stock market by approximately 2:1 since 2000 (earning 10.71% annually versus 5.43%). But—when you invest in real estate actively/directly, you’re investing in a lot of responsibility and time also.

By investing in a multi-family real estate fund, like our signature offer, Vernafund20, you save yourself from the headaches of being directly involved in the deal:

We are led by our passion

Our mission can’t happen without you. As an investor, you benefit from this work by generating stable passive income streams to live a better life. So you can double your investment while also assisting women to reach greater financial security and freedom.