1-Know and understand the exit strategy.

2-Know the people you’re trusting with your money

3-know your numbers 

4-never listen to the owner or real estate agent on their numbers, be conservative so you have padding

5-assure you have a good team that have your success in mind

6-Just get started, investing is a learning process. 


7-research the different roles it takes to buy, run, and sell a property, and confirm with the team that your investing with, that each of them is experienced and dedicated to those roles.


8-Know that higher return means higher risk. The ways to mitigate that risk is in the expertise of the team that runs the business so know the team, decide if you trust them- if not take a step down be ok with a lower return strategy for a lower risk.


9-There will always be more properties. Never justify the numbers


10-Enjoy making money for practically doing nothing.  It’s super fun!


11-Invest from education not emotion

12-Operator is the most important

13-Learn how to get over obstacles. There will always be challenges with every project. Must maintain solution focus not problem focus.

No mountain is high enough. You really can accomplish anything you put your mind to

14-Know who you are “getting in bed with”

15-Learn to underwrite like you’re the operator. When evaluating an offering, ask questions to understand the sponsor’s underwriting assumptions. If you find areas you disagree on, underwrite it yourself to see how the performance compares to theirs

16-evaluate the Operator then the deal

17-Track record, transparency, references, business plan, understand the risk

18-Look at the potential returns. If they’re too high (above ~10% cash on cash year 1), it means it’s a riskier deal. Understand and get comfortable with those risks. Not necessarily a bad deal if you / whoever is running the deal know what they’re doing.

19-Make sure you understand your short term and long term goals. Everyone wants financial freedom but you need to be more specific. Put a number to it. 

20-Manage your risk versus reward!  If it appears to good to be true, it probably is

21-have your Attourney overlook the operative agreement and don’t be afraid to ask for changes 

22-The sponsors matter as much or more than the numbers. Vet the sponsors very well – background checks, past deals and experience, etc 

23-checkout the asset. Is it real?

24-Remember that your money is tied up and you cannot get to it until the Lead investor makes a decision to sell, distribute, or refinance. You have very little control.

25– get a background check and do your extensive home work on the operator

26- check sponsor resume , check it again 

27-Find that needle in the haystack operator that knows this business inside and out 

28-ask what happens when there is a capital call

29-ask about when distributions start best AND worst case

30-ask sponsors how much skin in the game they have


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