Moving forward after a loss

You know, everything right now is NOT AS WE KNOW IT. And never again will life, the economy, relationships, business, etc., be “as we knew

Living with Purpose

Living with Purpose in My Personal Life   In my personal life it’s also important to be RADICALLY OPEN MINDED and RADICALLY TRANSPARENT. Similar to


It’s time to let go. It’s time to stay off my phone. Everything has been delegated. I expect reports to be completed today and presented

You are worthy

Each of us could easily name all the times we compromised on something to support someone else or for the “greater good”…  Go out for

criticism you can learn from

There is criticism which attacks your weakness. There is criticism which attacks your strengths. How to be aware of which to listen to

Why Multifamily Investing?

What is passive investing? What is Multifamily investing? Pros of investing in Real Estate Real Estate investors have the ability to gain more