Advanced Underwriting Spreadsheet

Developed by our own Karolina DiMario, Advanced Underwriting Excel Spreadsheet with detailed PDF Instructions is perfect for the beginner underwriter to learn how to be an effective Multifamily Underwriter or for the experienced Underwriter that needs a more flexible tool to take their underwriting to the next level.



  • Flexible Multifamily deal analyzer to accurately analyze any multifamily deal

  • Ability to quickly compare between different business plans and see which would bring the best returns for your investors

  • Ability to compare a loan assumption versus fresh debt analysis

  • Detailed sheets for a thorough Rental comp analysis

  • Incorporate renovations per year into your analysis

  • Free updates of new versions


Who would benefit from it?

  • Experienced underwriter who wants greater flexibility and ability to quickly show and compare returns of different business plans, loan quotes, or between a loan assumption and a fresh debt.

  • New underwriter that wants to learn how to effectively underwrite as the instruction manual comes with instructions and general guidelines of effective underwriting.

Meet the Creator

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