Journaling from a beautiful place today.

For the first time in months, I find myself being able to ignore phone calls or wake up without an elevated heart rate.  The deals I have coming are no longer stressful. There’s a possibility of deals in Dallas, Longview, Beaumont, Fort Worth, and Phoenix.  But, now that I have teams I’m working with, I’m not as stressed.

My job is to find deals and money. Whichever I can’t do, my teammates will do. They are looking for deals while I’m on vacation, and as soon as I get back, I feel like there will be a good deal. My job on this is to raise capital as much as soon as possible. Even though I want to succeed badly and I could search every day, I  am burned out and I  need to enjoy taking a vacation. Once I return, I  will be fully healed and able to be a million times more effective.

I have 10-15 home listings coming as soon as I return,  I have partnered with a very professional home flipping company which does large scale home flipping. I am going to need to hire two agents as soon as possible to help list and show these homes. So, if you are reading this and you’re a new agent, you’re a part time agent, or you have a friend who is about to graduate, I am happy to sponsor them. As a real estate broker, I do not take a commission cut, just a fee every month.

So now that these things are taken care of and lead generation/deal flow for apartments should be running well when I return, I have to focus on healing.  Mentally, emotionally, energetically, physically, socially, and all the other areas that get so out of balance when I work as hard as I do.

Mentally healing for me means reading.  Not just for business, but reading things that help me strengthen places where I am weak. Negotiating is a good example.  I’m reading Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss.  I am also journaling on an every-other day basis which for me is a lot.  I  usually only journal on Wednesday.

Socially, healing for me means meeting new people, learning from experiences in new places, and exploring new scenes I  could never dream up. This helps rejuvenate my imagination and gets the creative juices flowing.

Energetically, healing for me means being protective of my energy. At home, I give it all away,  Calls, lunches, appointments, property tours, showings, emails, texts, instagram, voicemails, FaceTime, and all the other stuff.  Here, I  will only let myself check instagram a couple times a day and post on facebook, but all the other shit, I’m gonna let it go. I am going to nap, sleep in, chill on the beach, do the sauna, stretch, be quiet, allow myself to get rested.

Emotional healing for me means anything that I feel I will allow myself to fully heal. Happiness, sadness, joy, anger, contentment, laziness, excitement, gratefulness, anything that I feel I  am allowed since I’m not in a rush.

Physically healing for me is great. I  love to workout and be active. I am now allowing myself 1-2 hours a day to workout or longer if I  feel like it. I always am rushing and being interrupted by a phone call, text message or something similar with urgency. Everyone thinks everything is urgent. But unless a deal is under contract it really isn’t.

I find myself always in an “on” mode, looking for the next thing to tackle. It’s time to give my body what it needs, sweat, stretch, sleep, massage, whatever I  feel like doing.

I’m going to eat incredibly clean while here, and I know that, in combination with no stress, I will be able to keep low weight even while drinking.

Spiritually, I also lack growth. This is an area that where I’m a little lost.  It’s an area that isn’t heavily dependent on thought or rational facts. I tend to feel comfortable in the logical space of my brain. When I let go and feel life, it opens me up to spiritual experiences.

I’m hoping that, with my time in Spain, I am able to feel some new energy for the first time and open my mind up.

Growth is key for me and is something that keeps me going. I always expect those who work with me to be open to growth and putting their most honest self into everything they do. All I can do is be a living breathing example of what I  expect others to be like.

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