We welcome you to our Apartment Queen Investments Community. It is crucial for me to put our manifesto into writing since it captures precisely the embodiment of a true apartment queen. Being part of the community is a complete devotion of helping women attain their financial inclusion. It is also our endeavor to identify and come up with a plan for ending toxic codependency and rightfully stand on our own. Listed is our manifesto, as follows:

  • Specifically, being an Apartment Queen also implies that we frown and we do not support narcissistic behavior or bullying of other women. This comprises people who are fond of bringing other people down to attain self-gain, or who control others by fear. 
  • Being an Apartment Queen also implies having regard to the importance of having a team and being able to collaborate with others to attain the same purpose. Being part of the Apartment Queen Investment community simply means that you know how to pave the way to the manner that men lead is broken. It is a known fact that women lead a team as democratic as possible as compared to men. Women decide to never lead by being autocratic and forcing others to perform your way or not. 
  • An Apartment Queen does not get tired of asking too many questions as a way to understand the idea of another person before engaging in an important decision. 
  • An Apartment Queen usually starts the question with how or why and is solution-focused. She constantly gives compliments to other queens and is not looking through other people’s success. But instead, she is inspired to acquire added knowledge from other individuals. 
  • Somebody who embraces challenges and who welcomes being radically transparent even if it is not music to one’s ears or a bit painful to tell is also an embodiment of a true apartment queen. 
  • An Apartment Queen is not always available any time of the day, she schedules times for work and demands respect for her time.
  • An Apartment Queen always has time for self-care and puts not only physical but mental health as well before other people. 
  • An Apartment Queen is not afraid to admit mistakes and ask for help. 
  • An Apartment Queen always welcomes the idea of continuous learning and wants to learn every facet at all times.
  • An Apartment Queen is someone who is not only asking for help but also willing to help their team however which way they can. 
  • An Apartment Queen does not expect anything in return, or act entitled.
  • An Apartment Queen is willing to listen more than she talks. 
  • An Apartment Queen is someone who has solid talent in negotiations and is willing to put hard work to learn such skills. 
  • An Apartment Queen is one who has an eye for the future, and who possesses a five, ten, and twenty-year plan. 
  • An Apartment Queen writes these plans down and checks in with these on a yearly basis, and if possible, quarterly.
  • An Apartment Queen is very aware of the five (5) people that they spend significant time with and realizes that these people are not only significant but an embodiment of who she will become. She always sees to it that these people whom she is always around will surely give advice or talk about what they do. She looks at exactly what type of person they are today and decides if that is who she embodies as her future character.
  • An Apartment Queen will only listen if the advice comes from a person who is living a successful life and has attained the goals of her future self. Otherwise, she will just take the advice with a grain of salt.
  • An Apartment Queen is a woman who always asks for what she wants. She does not have to worry about how asking for things will make other people feel.  
  • An Apartment Queen always wants to lead and excel in a male-dominated industry. She likewise acknowledges the fact that she must have close ties with males in the given industry who, in return, respect boundaries and limitations as well. 
  • An Apartment Queen is an individual who specifies what her restrictions are, and on point, makes those clear to those who she works with.
  • Being an Apartment Queen simply means helping people by paying close attention to what they are best at. We find and identify strengths and compliment them on it. 
  • An Apartment Queen is grateful for everything that she has, which embodies the character of resiliency. 
  • Being an Apartment Queen also means one can operate with radical open-mindedness and will realize that we do not know the answers to all the questions that may arise. 
  • An Apartment Queen is always true to her word while under-promising but over-delivering. 
  • We will never forget that we put our families first and we do not prioritize work over families.
  • Being an Apartment Queen simply means that we operate with our solid values and principles, especially when making complicated and hard decisions. These principles can sometimes be applied to a board or a team. 
  • An Apartment Queen should give credit to what is due and should always celebrate all wins. We all know that life is short and it is essential to celebrate all types of wins, whether big or small. 
  • Apartment Queens means that one should always be transparent in giving feedback on a regular basis. In this regard, it helps our team to grow and in the near future, expand. 
  • An Apartment queen will always come up with decisions with the team’s consensus in mind and not just decide for personal gain. 
  • An Apartment Queen will always treat others how she wants to be treated. 
  • An Apartment queen will come up with decisions for long term strategy against short term strategy. 
  • An Apartment Queen should not be intimidated or afraid of the title of an investor and will not be overwhelmed by the status or wealth of other investors. 
  • An Apartment Queen will be very transparent about what she wants not only for her but for the entire community at large. She will be able to integrate it to her line of business. 
  • An Apartment Queen will focus to build her own equity and net worth for herself. She will work hard at becoming an accredited investor. 
  • An Apartment Queen will enjoy passive cash flow and will treasure it because of the hard-earned principle. 
  • An Apartment Queen will share knowledge with others about what she knows to aid them in empowering all. 
  • An Apartment Queen will surround herself with a community of women who are focused on solutions and not on the problem. They should speak about the future or long term goals on becoming better each day. They should not talk about other people because it is just a waste of time. 
  • An Apartment Queen does not gossip and does not complain about misfortune. She should regard such as a fortunate experience, to make right all the mistakes that she made or experienced before. 
  • An Apartment Queen pays close attention to what they have and not on what they do not have. 
  • An Apartment Queen will take charge of their mental health and regularly visit a professional to consult and speak with instead of ranting with their family and friends. 
  • An Apartment Queen should pay close attention to the tranquility of the mind and will not permit outside stimuli to ruin her day. 
  • An Apartment Queen does not only know how to grind, she also takes regular vacations and knows what she wants after thorough mulling over consistently. 
  • An Apartment Queen is in control of her path towards her destiny by being “in-the-loop” and possessing financial independence. 

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