David Gallardo
Dallas Connections | Owner

David Gallardo

Born in Mexico City, 32 years old

CO and Founder of Dallas connections

He immigrated to the United States at the age of 19 to the City of Dallas Tx, where he worked in different industries such as landscaping, plumbing companies before jumping to the world of Multifamily services. He began his career at age 20 working in apartments starting as porter, construction helper, make ready, maintenance, lead maintenance and managed to be maintenance and construction supervisor in the company that worked and acquired experience for more than 7 years. After years of experience he managed to understand the needs of people who work in apartments, who rent and who own apartments, so he decided to form a small company in 2016 that he named Dallas Connections with the intention that the world of apartments could find all the services they are looking for in a company and avoid 20 calls to different contractors to meet their needs, currently Dallas connections has a crew of more than 30 people working day by day and a number of sub contractors helping to solve the high demand for work, has more than 15 properties in its portfolio where it is performing full interior rehabs, exterior works or others where we just are call to service minimum work like resurfacing or Housekeeper, the motto of Dallas Connections is ALL THAT YOU NEED IS ONE CALL !! The company is still growing and helping owners and investors to keep the value of their properties.

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