So something that I’ve realized in life is that everything is about people. I know that sounds super cliché or cheesy. But I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am in this life without other people giving me suggestions and feedback. Some of it is because people want to project their own insecurities on you, and some of it is because they’ve lived through hard times and experiences and they don’t want you to have to deal with if they’ve already had to go through it themselves. Just before you listen, look at what they have done and ask yourself EVERY time “have they actually done what I want to do”? If not forgot their words. Remember everyone has an opinion like everyone has an asshole.

Now, people are a very complex, very sometimes hard to figure out topic for me. I grew up not really being taught how to be socially mature or emotionally mature and my version of being emotionally mature is basically not allowing myself to react or to feel what somebody else might be feeling. This is partially correct.  You can’t let others control your emotions, but more so, it’s about understanding what that person needs and where they’re at to be able to see how you could help them or not help them and be able to form a relationship. You don’t have to react, but pay attention to others feelings and needs. Give a shit.

Understanding people is not my strength to be honest with you.  I understand systems,  I understand efficiencies,  I understand money,  I understand the risk, and a lot of other things that affect a business. But when it comes to people, there so many parts of people that they can’t express to me yet as a leader.   It is my job to understand people’s strengths and weaknesses, and be able to help them build their strengths. So there is a tool that I use that I couldn’t say any more or much more good about, and it is a personality test that I use on every partner every personnel hire etc. etc.  What’s crazy is, if you really break it down to return on investment, people are some of your largest Investments and some of your largest costs. For example, hiring somebody in a corporate company and training them and taking the time that it takes to really give them the attention that they deserve can be about $80,000 worth of value.


Now, continuously hiring people that are not a good fit for your company culture and your company’s vision is going to cost you about that much per incorrect hire. I am no expert, but I would definitely say that people, including hiring, training, regulating, and occasionally firing people in your company is one of the largest costs and use of time. So, for me, it was extremely important to do it right the first time.  I want to have people on my team who are there for 10 to 15 years.

I know I’m not a good fit for everybody as far as a leader, but I genuinely care and have empathy, sometimes so much so, that it is to my detriment and I have to be careful of who I give it to. .So reinforcing my needs and wants are extremely important for me to vet everybody on my team in a process that takes as long as it needs to take. I know some people find it annoying to sit there and talk to someone you’re hiring for a month or more but that’s OK.

I met somebody recently who I found out uses the exact same human analytics test that I use (Culture Index) to hire the right people. He has been in business over 10 years doing the exact same that I do just on a larger scale at this point.   He is more of a real estate investment trust than a capital company like I am but he uses the same exact human analytics test that I do.  He virtually has zero turn over when I talk to him. He said to the process looks like this.   We get 400 resume, end up talking to 2 to 3 people and then end up hiring one. That person will be with us for a decade if not longer because they just don’t leave.  It’s just the right fit. People want to be around people that they like and trust so it’s important to be very clear about your company‘s culture, your vision, your long-term plan, your big hairy audacious goals, and to make sure everybody on the team knows what these are and believes them. There needs to be a constant culture reminder and only people that believe in the company culture should be a part of the company.

There’s a book I’ve been reading by Gazelles called scaling up.  Amazon, for example, has a policy of pay to quit. So what this means is for employees that stay a certain amount of time they get a $1000 bonus, after their first year.   If they choose to quit after two years, they get a $2000 bonus and after five years of tenure they get $5000 to quit. The reason I do this is because they want to prove that somebody really believes in the company culture and it’s not about the income or the money.   It’s about creating a larger vision and culture and purpose on this planet. If people are not 1000% on board they do not need to be in the company. I will walk you through my mission and vision culture and values which we reinforce every single week on our weekly team call.  If you want to be involved with us, this NEEDS to be your “why” as well.

“The purpose of the Apartment Queen is to stop abuse and codependent relationships by providing financial and other support freedoms.  The values of the Apartment Queen are to allow employees to make decisions with open constructive emotional communication. We want statements of what is strong, good, and positive, while focusing on building our strengths.

Our core beliefs are that we WILL change the world and create independence. We also believe that our ethics are key, meaning we want to help put people in the right direction when we are able. We’re always honest, we keep our word, all while under promising and over delivering results. Compliments are constant, treating others how we want to be treated, standing up to all bullies, and putting families first. Our main concerns are running a business, asking questions and never assuming. Things do happen but we always ask for help, MENTAL HEALTH IS A PRIORITY, physical health is a priority, and we celebrate all wins.”

If this strikes a chord with you and you’re looking to invest Capital in real estate or Angel invest into a growing/scaling organization, want to be an agent for a residential brokerage (and have 2 years or more experience), or would like to actively get involved in the company to help us grow, please set up a call at the link below. Let’s help each other make a change in the world!

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