For a weekly update of where we are at with our company growth and all that is on my mind, I’ve decided that a blog is most appropriate. We have an accounting analyst currently being connected to our accounting department personally, to the brokerage and for the apartment capital company.  She is in California.

We have a marketing team getting started on the backend with Google Adwords, Bing,  other Social Media, etc-they are in the Philippines. More expensive than I hoped, but when we can get leads converting and rolling in, it will be worth it.

We have a tech wiz working on our Podio/crm automation flows for apartmentqueen.com called “finding new deals off market” and we are about to start working on two more CRM build outs. One will be for managing our communications with passive investors and another for the brokerage.  He is in India and he keeps me on MY toes which is what I  REALLY NEED from all people in the company! Very happy with him.

We have added two new agents to the brokerage.  We have a new TC (transaction coordinator) who is in Houston.  We are taking on a media intern to get our content to be more professional, then I’ll teach him how to make money in Real Estate WITHOUT a license! $

We closed on two houses Friday, closed another yesterday and have yet another one under contract. We have a new buyer this week from my high school!

We have a new investor portal being built, but it will be put on the backburner until I find a deal to KP (key principal) I will build in the cost to do this into the raise within that deal.

We have started to learn the correct time to monetize and are still studying this fine art to get it nailed down. I have experience writing sales presentations and how to do launch schedules. Also learned how to attract high-end clients who really get me and this is the main focus right now.  We are working on training someone (probably cha) how to post the launch race prior to our events. This is our magic marketing strategy Get our goals accomplished in a big way!

I have learned about some life-changing investment strategies. Have you ever heard of Warren Buffet’s largest strategy, or the owner of pampered chef who then sold to Buffett? Many more intelligent folks are just investing their free cash  into accounts which make returns THEN using those same accounts (think Roth IRA on steroids) to reinvest in Securities like apartments, or house notes, or to flip home projects and more. This is also protected against any creditor, debtor, predator, and legal action in a company you own-truly protects your assets.

I have now done all of these and will like to make several times the return on my money so that it can skyrocket. We have to make our money work for us, and I am doing that, especially while I am young!

We have a business development team member who showed me how to write up my first detailed business plan. It’s essentially made of who’s on the team, their roles, what cash the company needs, SWOT (strengths weakness’ opportunities and threats), exit, and ALLL the things a bank would need to review in addition to track record to lend us millions- growth sucks cash my friends! Finally finished this for The Apartment Queen. Next up is same thing for “ReByKaylee “ Brokerage.

I swear the more money I make, the less I want to spend (unless it is on an asset not a liability). But the coolest thing about this is not just that you are able to follow the compound growth curve and stay liquid, but it’s protected, and it helps improve your balance sheet. I don’t need to be buying shoes and crap with my money. My car is paid off, well serviced, and I now have an opportunity to have the best case opportunity to grow my business.

I have set myself up by literally being on birth control since I was 16 to be able to figure myself out. Now over the last two years I have been able to really dig in through counseling, re-evaluating my friends, only allowing people in my life who want to see my success skyrocket to the moon, and trying to constantly work on my mindset/plan/execution.

I want to share with EVERYONE that the real reason good things are happening to me, I believe, is so that I can set an example. It’s not an overnight change and honestly I have to put in the work DAILY!


STEP 1- Figure out what you are naturally good at-I use several tests and meditation to go back in time to figure out what skills you knew you always had

Step 2 – Work on your mindset-manifesting/positive vibes only/big scary goals or BHAG as Gazelle’s Corp calls it.  If your goals don’t scare the shit out of you then they aren’t big enough-visualize EVERYDAY.  Have positive affirmations-control your breath-read read read-hangout with those who do what you want to do.

Step 3 – Create a plan.  What do you want on your vision board?  Do you write down what you want to make every month?? Well, who do you need to meet/what list do you need to be on/what higher paying position do you need/what knowledge do you lack? Make a plan to GO TAKE WHAT IS YOURS!

STEP 4 – EXECUTE…all of this is how you run a business! This can be applied to literally everything in life!! Write down dates when your dreams are due in pencil, then shave a few years off and re-write them. Start setting reminders in your phone or calendar to push you to get that shit done NOW! Remember, take massive imperfect action- look at me! I have typos, and goofy faces, and all kinds of stuff that a “professional” shouldn’t but I don’t care! My message and purpose is far greater than other people’s stupid opinions and the judgment they impart on others because THEY are insecure. Remember, it’s pretty much always “someone else’s shit” when they judge or tell you how you “should live your life”.

And I am off for the day to run, box, take care of me and raise 4MM from an investor who has been up my tail for over a year! It’s going to be a great day folks!!  Take a bite out of what’s out there! I know I will!

If you are curious how to get into retirement faster than you thought possible, and are interested in being qualified for our next investment, set up a call at the link below and we will set up a meeting!!  Looking forward to helping you create more time in your life to follow your purpose/why!!


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