It’s time to let go.

It’s time to stay off my phone.

Everything has been delegated.

I expect reports to be completed today and presented to me Monday. If they are not, it’s time to talk (a verbal warning), next step is a written warning, and the last resort/third step is a termination meeting.

I realize in work and honestly every interaction, it’s so important to have set clear expectations. It’s a pain in the ASS to have to type these things up but no one can read your mind, so you have to be clear.

In work, being able to be RADICALLY TRANSPARENT AND RADICALLY TRUTHFUL are two of the most important things to possess. The goal is to get everyone involved to a place where they can share what they really THINK AND ALLOW THOUGHTFUL DISAGREEMENTS. Having everyone discover/use their strongest skill, and focus on developing their strengths, not weakness’ is key.

Then, having everyone stay in their lane is so important. We do not need multiple people doing the same job or micromanaging each other. If someone is having challenges in their role, they have the ability to reach out to the team for help any time.

In addition, it’s essential that everyone involved know your mission, vision, values/core beliefs/culture. If everyone on board wants to be there because their core beliefs align that is a good place to start. It’s my responsibility to constantly remind everyone of what these are. And remind us all that if our actions are not in alignment with these then it’s probably not a good place/ not going to make the persona involved very happy.

Here are The Apartment Queen’s mission, vision, and values:

The mission – stop abuse and codependent relationships by providing convenient education to women about how to create wealth through real estate investing. This will create financial, mindset and other freedoms ultimately leading individuals to find and live their why and purpose in life.

The vision – We WILL change the world and create financial independence for more than 1 BILLION women

Our core beliefs/values/culture –

• We run our business using principles, asking questions and never assuming.

• Teammates make decisions with open constructive communication.

• We value strong, good, and positive statements, while focusing on building our strengths.

• Emotions are good, but must be used in the right time and place.

• We are grateful for everyone and everything we have.

• Ethics are key.

• We want to help put people in the right direction, when we are able.


• We keep our word, while under promising and over delivering results.

• Compliments are constant, treating others how we want to be treated.

• We stand up to all bullies.

• We put families first.

• We always ask for help-shit happens

• MENTAL HEALTH IS A PRIORITY, physical health is a priority, and we celebrate all wins.

• We want to know and nurture each employee’s personal financial and business goals.

• We want employees to regularly share good news, what they love/loathe in their role, where they are stuck, new ideas, fears, concerns, opportunities, decisions, and feedback from customers/employees.

Alignment here is key.

This is a deep dive into my personal principals and business principles which are being added to as we speak. If you’re not clear on what you want you will never have it! Focus on having a clear picture to where you can describe what you want to others and they go away if they can’t give it to you on their own! Very powerful stuff.

If you are in alignment with us/me please click the link below to set up a call. We would love to have your assistance in building this empire we envision and help you to grow your wealth in the process. We are truly motivated to make a large impact. And it will happen quicker together!


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