Answering this weeks questions on multifamily investing!

A lot of the answers to these are partner with someone who’s done this before and call a property management co to answer the rest!

As a new investor, how big or small the project should I start with?

Tom from Houston Asst I am looking at a 45 unit complex in South Houston area, with a low cap rate at four and wanted opinion of how to get it higher without overspending on improvements?

Peter in the Dallas metro ass how do you go about raising capital without giving away all of your equity?

Jennifer from Atlanta asked how many deals do you look at before you decide when is usually worth your time and what are you deciding factors?
Anthony from South Dallas asked is there one area or state you like better than the others?
Kelsey and Rich from Tampa area asked do you build into your business model Airbnb rooms in a coastal area?

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