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This book was written to give interested investors a snapshot at WHO it takes to win in multifamily investing and how women do it. The message is- it is 1000% about the people and the alignment of the journey they are on.

Best Sellers #1 in commercial real estate its first day of sales!

What is in this captivating truth-telling book?

WHO it takes to do multifamily real estate-

Want to know what importent SheVestor Topics this book addresses? Topics such as-

1. How do I get started in multifamily investing?
2. Where can I find support?
3. How do I find deals?
4. What’s the difference between Passive vs. Active Investing?
5. How do I find fully-vetted vendors?
6. How do I analyze a deal?
7. What it means to be a principle, partner, etc.
“The GP team is running a large business, and good professional leadership is very important.”
“Each partner must also have an overall understanding of how each part of a value add process goes… we need to be team players. Sometimes our kids get sick, sometimes we Have to be in court, sometimes we just need a damn vacation and having partners who can step up and protect the team at all costs is a non-negotiable for me.”
“Having professional partners who aren’t litigeous and who can take a problem, remove emotion, and present to the team ideas for solutions (being solution focused) is also another non-negotiable. Someone who lets challenges fester and can’t be collaborative is not someone who should or will be in the drivers seat.”
“This book is a compilation of interviews from the women in multifamily real estate who have touched my life and the lives of countless others. These women are resilient, wise, professional and want to help the audience reading get ahead. It takes a team and collaboration to win in apartment investing.”
Please enjoy “Women in Multifamily Real Estate” the story of how Queens Do apartment investing differently

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