AI and the Real Estate Investment Industry

Over the last decade, the major ingredient for success in real estate investing is investing in it. Some have performed better than others. But the market was on a steady up and it is a known fact that the next decade will probably look a bit different. Guy Zipori, co-founder and CEO of Skyline AI will tackle the meeting point between real estate and artificial intelligence. They are coming from the technology industry and not from the real estate realm. 

When talking about Artificial Intelligence, it is changing the way one works. It does also alter the way people do business and the way one discovers, unravel and vet new information. However, it is coupled with fears. A lot of individuals are speaking in terms of how Artificial Intelligence is coming for jobs. When you hear some news about driverless vehicles and other things makes people fear and it is a fact. Hollywood has done a tremendous job scaring us about the new technology. It turns out that a story on how Artificial Intelligence and AI will rule the whole wide world sells a bit more than the story on how AI aid is in enhancing our business revenue. 

Remember Skynet from the Terminator? It has nothing to do with Skyline Artificial Intelligence. Just to be clear at the onset and the fears that individuals experience nowadays are pretty same to the fears that individuals felt way back in the industrial revolution. Hearing the gadgets that will come and take over their day jobs. But eventually, the industrial revolution comes up not just with new jobs but new opportunities and transformed economies for the best to reach greater heights. We all know that it is much easier to look at innovation when trying retrospectively and now it is time for a change. Real Estate is at an all-time high in terms of dry powder about 280 billion dollars that is sitting there un-deployed just this June, and Artificial Intelligence technology is very far. Computer nowadays can detect anomalies more efficiently than humans. Looking at the history of Artificial Intelligence, there is always one plot and that is machine versus human. Whether it is Deep Junior or the one who defeated Gary Kasparov in chess, or Watson beating trivia at Jeopardy.

But, the truth of the matter is, this is not how real-life application of Artificial Intelligence appears to be. Both should incorporate each other. Machines with men work in a variety of ways in a very powerful tandem. One good example is the CIA used Artificial Intelligence to capture Bin Laded, or forecasting flooding in India to save tons of lives. The combination of machine and human is formidable. If you take the efficiency out of both of them, maintaining the machines doing repetitive responsibilities, like data crunching, and leaving the humans for strategy and creativity and other tasks that we perform much better than machines. Artificial Intelligence is not replacing lawyers in court but is aiding them in reviewing contracts in pinpointing mistakes. It also helps doctors with x-ray scanning allowing them to analyze and identify cancer and diseases. 

Do you have any idea how much time out of a 16-hour flight from Los Angeles to the Philippines is manually flown by a pilot? It is only eight (8) minutes. So, at this point in our lives, we trust Artificial Intelligence so much. But what about our investments? Imagine a 14-year old boy who is a geek at his age, selling superhero toys on Amazon. And imagine women managing billions of dollars of our pension funds who have less technology than the 14-year old kid. And this should be the scenario. Nowadays, computing power is much more powerful as compared to before. Computers that were once a “want” for only businesses owning supercomputers or seven-digit capitals are now in the hands of each people and more data is available. For instance. Planet Data, possessing twenty-one (21) satellites and they are capturing about 1.5 million photos every single day covering more than two hundred million square miles.

Advanced technology, data, and computing power give us the freedom to sequence the DNA of Real Estate investing. Say for example, instead of eyeing comparable assets but assessing vintage or location or other still features, now, we can utilize data such as the internet browsing data, where individuals are, looking for on the internet to better comprehend and analyze what assets are truly comparable. 

Skyline AI is a commercial real estate management technology company. They work hand-in-hand with major commercial real estate players to come up with investment vehicles with the help of Artificial Intelligence. At this point, they are linked with more than one hundred thirty (130) different sources. They try to be hands-on on each piece of information that may affect the value of the real estate. They utilize artificial intelligence technology to obtain insights and acquire forecasts based on this data. And together with their real estate partners, it aids us in coming up with better real estate investment decisions and attaining excellent outputs as compared to the industry benchmarks. 

Our technology is impacting the lifecycle, the entirety of it in terms of real estate investment. Whether it is looking for a deal giving freedom to find the best opportunities available no matter where they are hidden, or scrutinizing those opportunities a lot faster instead of weeks and with hyper precision. 

Or within the period of ownership, realizing the scenario in our asset and constantly compare it to competing assets around us. For testing, they took a portfolio of one of the top real estate investors in New York and they allowed their technology to specify which asset would include if they support the firm. So they have two (2) portfolios. The one is maintained only by the human and the second one is a subset of this portfolio to which, only the asset that the technology would recommend to acquire. And the output was astounding. The technology together paired with the human brain 21.87% IRR as compared to just 15.6% IRR destined for the real estate investment firm alone. That is a whopping 40% higher in terms of returns. The Artificial Intelligence revolution has begun. DO you want to be part of this history?

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