Pet shelters immediately emptied during the emergence of the pandemic. It was one of not so many heart-warming facets of the year 2020. A lot of those new-homed pets inevitably went into the apartment industry. Based on the Multifamily Pet Policies and Amenities Survey recently given by J Turner Research and PetScreening, about ¼ of the pet-owning commissioned respondents shown they obtained their pet during the pandemic. The rate pegged before increased to almost 40% when restricting to student-only commissioned respondents. The said survey, which commissioned the feedback of more than two thousand (2000) apartment residents, also stated that 20% of the respondent that presently does not own any pets, shown that they are eyeing to obtain one by the year 2020. That simply implies the increase in pet adoption will not be in plateau anytime soon. 

The drift has placed the burden on apartment managers and operators to enhance their pet-friendliness guidelines to aid in capturing the ever-increasing amount of pet-owning tenants. It has also got their attention to come up with the most pet-friendly environment possible in their communities to aid in ensuring that pet-free tenants remain comfortable in their personal space. 

On a macro context, a present American Pet Production Association National Pet Owners Survey stated that 2/3 of the United States households possess at least one pet, which showcases a solid increase from 56% in the year 1988, the year when the survey was first commissioned. We have visited some of the guidelines operators have enacted to aid in meeting the pet scenery. 

Pet-based Leasing Incentives and Rescue Partnerships. Some Apartment complexes and property management was already a pet-friendly operator. A wide array of multifamily communities have pet parks. Some companies also partner with a local ASPCA. Some companies also incorporate pet-based incentives into their lease. Say, for example, tenants who sign a contract of the lease on a specific weekend may receive the freebie of no upfront pet charges. On the other hand, some apartment complexes also host pet-adoption events and showcase pets available as prospects and present tenants.

It is a known fact that pets are near and dear to everyone. A lot of us bring our pets to the corporate office during work. It is but normal to walk past someone’s workstation and have a baby gate up because their pups are with them. Some have also pup showers at their office when someone has a new pet dog. Some apartment operators come up with treats available for pets in community leasing offices. Some companies are making partnerships with local rescue organizations and one just hosted a Great Dane puppy activity at Austin Texas-based locations. A lot of those puppies got homes. Partnering with your local rescues to aid in giving pets in homes. With the information that nearly 70% of tenants share their homes with pets, apartment complexes should continue to address their request on having that companionship, specifically in this time of the pandemic. 

Amenities, Socialization Channels, and Pet Perks. Based on surveys, the outpouring of new pets in the year 2020 and those who want to aid them is merely recognized Considering a lot of communities are armored with fancy pet spas, pet snack bars and upscale dog runs, it is an open story that a lot wanted to become part of the solution

Most of the communities eradicated pet deposits and charges for adopted or forested pets. These complexes wanted to make sure tenants knew that they appreciated efforts in giving their pet a new home. They wanted to do everything they can to help. Some communities also partner with local shelters and make a cash donation for each contract signed. They continue to be very knowledgeable of their pet population. Some of them throw a pet-supply drive during the holidays. Some also engage in activities such as giving a pet-pack gift set for random acts of kindness. 

There is also a so-called Pet Perks Program that focuses on pets like Instagram contests, and the like. Some are the best costumes and best pet attire, cutest pet, and many more. They also added pet-themed events that create lasting memories with the entire community and residents. Some also do holiday portraits with their pets and tenants with themed backgrounds.

Coming up with a Pet-responsible Involvement. As property managers and owners extend extra efforts to boost up their pet-friendliness, they do not want to disaffect another class or residents which are the non-pet owners. That simply means the policy of the property must not only be pet-friendly but also pet-responsible. As the population of pets increases at apartment complexes, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Property personnel has to efficiently manage all of the new pets and make sure they possess a proper record of each of them. On the other hand, some other complexes are lessening the breed and weight restrictions to enhance their amazing appeal, but it has to be a responsible, measured parameter to be efficient.

Based on a survey commissioned from J Turner Research and PetScreening, non-pet-owning residents are reasonably accepting of the animal population of a community. On a scale of one (1) to ten (10), with zero (0) being “not so adorable” and ten (10) being “very comfortable”, non-pet-owning tenants possess an average level of comfort pegged at 6.3 with having pets on the complex. But such residents are not without problems of contention.

The three (3) main complaints were off-leash pets pegged at 37%, barking pegged at 62%, and pet waste pegged at 84%. With pet waste as a precise worldwide issue, a lot of communities have stepped up their efforts in maintaining things clean. That includes teaming up with Doggie DNA providers that can track the waste back to a specific pet.

Several communities utilize it, and they love it since it decreases the accumulation of pet waste. With pet waste being the number one complaint, they want to ensure that communities and complexes are kept clean with waste stations placed throughout the property. The surge in the pet population is not a dream. And while a large population would agree that it is a hugely positive trend, it has shifted

And while the majority would consent it is a hugely positive trend, it has taken over the picture in the realm of the apartment industry. Property managers that take an inactive approach to the increasing arrival unquestionably will thrive to remain competitive with their competitors that strive to sharpen their levels of pet accountability and pet-friendliness. 

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