Time for some updates. This is annoyingly long.. buckle up.
I was so upset at myself that I was having some subpar relationships (or worse) in the Multifamily space.
I assumed everyone was like me- radically transparent, giving to a fault first versus using others, stood for justice, treated others how they wanted to be treated, worked their ass off for the long game without shortcuts, did not use others weaknesses against them to take advantage of their shame and past pain….
It kept happening about 50% of the time at the beginning of my career.
The other 50% were soulmate partnerships that I was LUCKY to attract. Always prioritizing the organism of the team over the cell.
I couldn’t understand why the vast difference.
Then I started deep research to look at the patterns and origin of the people, the groups they came from, who they surround themselves with, their past professional behavior patterns, digital footprint, and things they hadn’t even been caught for yet.. this revealed a lot about behavior patterns which will always repeat.
Deep research has forever changed my life!!!
Mostly the pattern found was that- those who preyed came from a group led by a sex offender. This is PUBLIC information. Those who associate with this type of person find it normal to prey on the innocent.
Also a big WAKE UP moment for me… ask yourself why am I attracting these fuckers?
I kept living in the past and the current story of the family trauma I’ve experienced and still deal with (aftermath). 
My healing journey is mine and I no longer need to share everything about that with everyone.
Since realizing this I have slowed down to really evaluate those who aggressively pursue me, watch their behavior over time while “business dating” and always using my deep search resources. This is So I can empirically compare with what my intuition/eyes tell me.
Facts now prevent and stop this bad behavior. I no longer feel scared. I no longer feel the need to create artificial closeness quickly, the right people will support you no matter what pops up. I no longer partner with weak people.
Now the business has picked up immensely since I now can identify those who deserve success and are on the same path as me to make a forever impact.
My life is only getting better now with the right people. Go read #whonothow!!
I am the most peaceful, influential, powerful, proud, woman of my generation, and nothing can stop me. 
My goal is to see 1B women around me build the confidence that struggle begets to stand up, value, and care for themselves!!
In the journey, you will have pushback to keep you down. You must make the decision to ask for help. With help, you can do ANYTHING!
We have now launched a service for women going through a partnership or business abuse. Click here for more info and support.


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