20 genuine people will come into my life and want to help build my #empire

20 days minimum of vacation

20 new accredited investors every month this year will want to invest with us

20 new quality apartment deals will come to me

20 people will change their life forever after meeting me

20 people will become team members in 2 business’ #theapartmentqueen and #rebykaylee

I hope everybody was able to see their family over the holidays and get some rest. Here I’ll share 2019 and concepts I’m implementing to make 2020 a massive year.

Looking back at 2019

One of the largest lessons looking backwards for last year is something that I continue to dance with over and over and over again. So in residential real estate it was something that I think made me very different. A mortgage broker friend of mine Wesley Hardman mentioned to me that a friend of his had her career skyrocket the moment when she decided to be an uber professional and to no longer even entertain somebody who wanted to take her out for a drink or dinner or anything with a dual promise of I will do some business with you if you just do some other things With me. So that’s why I did really well in residential real estate. Separation of church and state. And then now in Multifamily the same concept is coming back to me over and over again. And I would say it something I struggle with but it something that you just need to kind a grab the bull by the horns on. Again just being very clear with everybody that even gives you an instinct or honestly any person it’s a mail I just am straightforward with them about being completely about business. I call it  having the P factor. Don’t laugh at me I’m being serious.

P factor-this was something I read about a long time ago and it still holds true. What I mean is basically making sure that everybody is widely aware of the fact, not the perception, that you do not shit where you eat. I have to tell male brokers in my multifamily world now that plus make them feel good by telling them I respect you too much to affect your career. And I say “look I want to make you a lot of money, and I want to make me a lot of money and if we don’t keep this professional we risk losing that. another thing that helps me keep my professional factor as discussed with my pseudo-brother Ryan Harper when it comes to the women that he respects the most who are the same age group in the real estate space he and I both have a greed that being open, honest, genuine about your family about legal stuff about dealing with tragedy and all the real things that make us who we are or important to share with other people because it makes you someone that they can trust. But The one thing that him and I have both discussed very professional women leave out of that conversation and being real is about are they single are they taken have they broken up with somebody are they dating someone are they dating multiple people etc. etc. that conversation can just be completely left off. Because what happens is when you tell a man about that side of your life Immediately their brain goes there. Because you brought it up. If you don’t want them to go there don’t bring it up. For me being honest and open and genuine is my number one most important quality to establish trust and also being consistent. I have to be honest every day to be happy. But this is one area that I’m not lying and I’m not doing anything that is different than who I truly am, I’m just choosing to not invite somebody to even think about my dating life. This is something I’m going to heavily implement this year and be more vocal about even more so than I was last year. I can’t stand the fact that there are a whole lot of  people out there from either gender, does it matter, who basically play the fact that someone that wants to work with them maybe sexually attracted to them to their advantage. The only way to deal with that is to not spill all the details about your romantic life. Personal life is fine, but I realize there has to be a separation. I’m not editing myself for the sake of other people, I am editing how much information I let other people know, For my own good.[JS1]

Now let’s take a look back into 2019 and stop a moment to take recognition for all of the hard work that has happened for me and the amazing results that have come from it.

Books this year

  1. Top 23 costly mistakes Dave Lindahl
  2. The definitive guide to apartment marketing josh Grillo
  3. Best ever apartment syndication book- joe fairless
  4. The 7 secrets to successful apartment leasing- Eric Cumley
  5. How to take an apartment building from money pit to money maker-Craig Haskell
  6. How to create lifetime cashflow through multifamily properties-Rod khleif
  7. The complete guide to buying and selling apartment buildings-Steve Berges
  8. Investing in apartment buildings-Matthew Martinez
  9. TRUMP the best real estate advice I ever received
  10. The perfect investment- Paul moore
  11. Multifamily millions- Dave lindahl
  12. Rich dad poor dad series
  13. Tax free wealth TOM wheelwright CPA
  14. Scaling up gazelles
  15. Raising private capital-Matt Faircloth
  16. Crushing it in apartments-Brian Murray
  17. Never split the difference Chris Voss
  18. Think and grow rich Napoleon Hill
  19. Traction Gino Wickman (1/2 done)
  20. How to win friends and influence people Dale Carnegie


  1. R2R(rat race to retirement brad sumrok)

  2. Rod Khleif two times

  3. Think multifamily

  4. Money raising summit

  5. Deal maker live

  6. Quest expo

  7. NuView expo

  8. Met and shook hands with 2000 investors on our private list

  9. Paid off car

  10. Was accepted to CREW (commercial real estate women) 300 women who are only in commercial real estate

  11. ACCEPTED to aggie woman

  12. 9.8 MM Freddie Mac loan guarantor and I can now sign Freddie Mac commercial multifamily loans

  13. Own Radio show KVGI Frisco- getting to why

  14. InvestHER- chapter leader Dallas

  15. Invited to speak at quest to all investors ona regular basis (2020)

  16. Units versus goals 500/1000

  17. 1031-100MM coming

  18. Houston deals coming (250-1000 units)

Podcast- #1 leading Ladies looking for sponsors

Brokerage- one new kickass agent two more on the way

Scaling- new hires/employees: CRM builder, executive assistant, agent, analyst/bookkeeper, marketing and ads team in Philippine, event photographer, business development leader, underwriter(s) male and Female


I chose “team” because I’ve realized that when going from single-family to multifamily you have to get out of your own way and stop thinking that you should be the one that’s calling the insurance company, calling the attorneys, dealing with the construction company that’s doing the due diligence, etc. In reality, you need a team of people who you can trust that have the same vision and culture as you. And you need to delegate roles.

My transition to multifamily required me to stop thinking that I needed to be the point person on every single item required to make these deals happen.

But I realize that I have the habit of going backwards and trying to do everything myself at times. Especially when experiencing monumental growth, I tend to feel insecure about things I don’t know about and fall back on these tendencies.

I also fear being let down by people. I tend to think that 99% of people say they’re going to do something and then they don’t. This is 1000% the opposite of who I am and how I operate. I hate wasting so much time weeding through all the people who are all talk and no action.

Below I discuss how I’ve found success at building local teams and how I’ve adding quality virtual assistants to my team.

Building a U.S. Team

This year I’ve experienced what a blessing it is to express myself and my needs to other people. For example, when people approach me to who want to learn I find a way we can exchange their skills in other areas for the time it takes to teach them. For instance, I ask if they can do a couple of web searches every week, help me with my marketing and social media, help me find sponsors for my radio show and my podcast,  volunteer to sponsor, help me find deals or money and much more.

A few individuals have contributed with these sorts of items and this is helping them learn. In some cases, they are bringing in leads we need and helping take down deals. The end result is, the more help we have the more we’re able to grow and scale.

Adding Quality Virtual Assistants to My Team

I have been fortunate to hire a couple of virtual assistants (VAs) who are totally kick ass. But it’s not 100% luck. A lot of it has to do with the job description and how specific you are with exactly what you expect. If you don’t put in the time up front you won’t get quality applicants. In Neal Bawa’s article, he talks about his process for hiring kick ass VAs every time and getting quality output. Here it is:


There are lots of gold nuggets in there, some of which I was already using. Some of my parameters include:

  • Has 90% plus completion rating.
  • Not a rising stars / make sure they have plenty of work hours.
  • Has earned at least $10,000 doing whatever it is that they do.

In my description I give an example of exactly what I would like them to do. Like I said before, the end product is the most important thing. Some examples of how to convey what you want include:

  • Tell them you want a purple page that looks like this while showing them somebody else’s page you them want to emulate.
  • Telling them you want seven pages of content, each page having XYZ LMNOP.

Other techniques to ensure a quality product include:

  • Giving them a delivery deadline.
  • Having them write up a schedule of when what they will be delivering and how many hours it will take.
  • I ask if they’re okay with being in Slack and Trello
  • Making sure they’re okay with sending me a weekly report on what they accomplished and how many hours it took.
  • I also use key performance indicators for the work they’re doing and if they surpass those indicators then I bonus everybody on the team.


For me, “present” has nothing to do with getting presents. Sure, rewarding myself on a regular basis with things like time at the spa, unplugging, not working and giving myself tangible items as rewards for hitting major milestones is important. But that’s not what I’m talking about when I say “present.”

I have a tendency as a person, a manifestor and a visionary CEO to live far in the future because I can know I can predict it and make it happen. But if I do this the majority of the time then I miss out on what’s happening right in front of me, today. If I constantly live in this manner, then I miss out on valuable relationships and being present with those I love. I am learning to slow down and listen to people, instead of focusing on always being in accomplishment-mode and focused on hitting my goals for tomorrow or next week.

You never know what somebody’s going through. And being present and showing up for one another is how we grow close, long-term relationships. My goal for my employees, friends, etc. is to have 10 to 20 yearlong relationships. Creating those relationships and the life I want, requires me to truly listen and care about the person.

Being “present” also means not living in the past. This part is a little easier for me. My past is extremely painful so I try to not think about it. I go to therapy on a regular basis because it allows me to reflect on my past and learn lessons from it, so that I don’t bring it into my present and future. Afterall, no one wants to keep repeating pain and trauma. But by focusing on it for just an hour a week I am able to set it down the rest of the time. For me, this is a pretty healthy balance of recognizing it, thinking about it, dealing with it and then moving on and being in the now.

As I lay the ground work for a massive 2020 and implementing these words into my life, I also think of visualizing and laying out a frame work for success. I’m currently working on February’s event for my meetup- VISION BOARDING. I want everyone to do what I did . VISUALIZE DAILY what your life will look like. More to come on this later.

My primary goal is to be an example for y’all, and show you that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

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