What makes us the #1 Women-lead multifamily investment firm?

Why people should choose APQ: We solve common problems that individuals in our industry do not. These include but are not limited to, flexible financing terms, boots on the ground in every apartment deal, because of our small size of a team we are able to make quick decisions, we are passionate about our community […]

Rip off the Tax Man!

Let’s talk about how to avoid taxes! We personally want to rip the government off. Here’s the legal ways we do it- IRA 401(k) 403(b) Keogh Defined Benefit Pension Plan Simple IRA Individual Retirement Account A custodial or a trust account in which an individual may set aside up to $2,000 of earned income in […]

Six critical teammates to start scaling and FOUR steps to start your growth TODAY

Six critical teammates to start scaling and FOUR steps to start your growth TODAY For a weekly update of where we are at with our company growth and all that is on my mind, I’ve decided that a blog is most appropriate. We have an accounting analyst currently being connected to our accounting department personally, […]

5 reasons why Apartment investing could be better than stocks and other real estate

Pros of investing in real estate  Real Estate investors have the ability to gain more leverage on their capital and see some tax benefits. Although real estate is not as liquid as the stock market, the long-term cash flow provides passive income as well as appreciation.•Real estate has outperformed the stock market approximately two to […]

Six Ways to Make Apartment Offers During an Outbreak

Six Ways to Make Apartment Offers During an Outbreak Even though things are scary, the show must go on. And people will continue to purchase during recessions. I’m here to share some tips on what CAN be done. #1. Hard Money Negotiate that zero money goes hard, on day one. Everything should be soft earnest […]

Multifamily Real Estate after Covid 19 Shutdown

Apartment investment effects after COVID-19 shelter in place order is partially lifted Rent collections: Rents were not as affected as we expected. Nationally April 1-26 totaled 91.5% compared to 95.6% for the same period for 2019 (real page data). Some very surprising markets (Sacramento, Nashville, and Chicago) posted rent collections of 95.7% and greater. Sales […]

How to make money in multifamily!


How does Multifamily make money? One thing I want to make sure to do, is to educate everybody about what I do. I feel like it’s a mystery to most people how multi-family investments make money. There are four different sources of returns. 1-Tax benefits There are many, and I will go ahead and say […]

Syndicating Deals, the how?


SYNDICATION What is it and what do our investors get?A real estate syndicate is a group of investors who combine their capital to buy a property. Together, individuals and companies have more buying power than on their own. Syndicates are commonly structured as limited liability companies (“LLCs”). This special purpose entity is the method by which […]

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