You know, everything right now is NOT AS WE KNOW IT. And never again will life, the economy, relationships, business, etc., be “as we knew it.”
The faster we get to acceptance, the faster we can succeed.
As you probably know, everyone goes through five stages of grieving after a loss. If you can be radically transparent with yourself about which stage you are currently in, you’ll be better able to make progress and get through these changes. Whether your loss is the loss of a job, the loss of routine, or the loss of a loved one, the way that you grieve comes in different severities. But the way that we handle it as humans is the same.
Denial – the 1st stage of grief. If you’re telling yourself things like “this is not an issue, this will be over soon, it will go back to the way things were,” you’re completely in denial.
Anger – the 2nd stage. I see a lot of this on social media, people arguing with each other and trying to prove others wrong. But in reality, they typically aren’t experts and are not even in the field. It’s really sad to see people stuck in the stage of anger. Because not only are you hurting yourself, but you’re hurting other people. Other people don’t need to look at negative, doubtful, and toxic content on their social media. I know it’s a place to speak your mind and that’s a right you have, but being hateful doesn’t fix anything and it keeps you stuck in the past.
Bargaining – the 3rd stage of loss. If you’re talking to yourself and saying “OK I’ll cut back this expense, I’ll move here, I’ll adjust a few things and then everything will go back to normal and be OK,” that is a lie that you’re telling yourself. Things will never be back to the same “normal”.
Depression – the 4th stage. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this with a lot of people that I work with directly. I know this because we have weekly calls where the content is usually very uplifting and they choose not to go and participate and stay positive. They choose to stay depressed. If you stay in a depressed state too long it could be detrimental to your entire life. Your depression starts to rub off on other people and take their quality of life downhill with yours. Also, when you’re depressed it’s hard to stay healthy and take care of yourself. It’s a stage you need to get in and get out of very quickly. You can be depressed but express yourself to deal with it and get into acceptance as fast as possible.
Acceptance – the last stage of grieving. Accepting and being real with yourself means to fully accept what is happening. The good, the bad, the evil, the fact that we don’t know when this is going to end, and the fact that even if you were great before this, you’re going to need to learn how to build a new skill set and evolve. I see this as an opportunity and a genesis for growth.
By doing more digitally, we are decreasing pollution, adding less wear and tear to our vehicles, not needing a reason to be late to a meeting, having fewer car accidents, and not constantly being stressed or rushing to be somewhere. We also tend to create more time every day because instead of being in traffic or driving around, we’re at home. Families are spending more time together and people seem to hang out on the neighborhood corner during the weekend.
Many of us want to eventually have a “laptop lifestyle” where we can literally be anywhere on the planet as long as we have Wi-Fi and still transact business. Lots of people are testing this out with their employers and the ones that can perform right now will be able to obtain that lifestyle. Most people don’t have the guts to ask their employer on a trial basis, to start working from home or working remote – but now they the opportunity to prove themselves.
Right now, our planet can breathe, my dog has mass amounts of attention, and if I had kids they would see me more and I’ll be able to have more impact on how they are brought up. I think that this is a good reset if you’ll just ride the wave and figure out a way to reinvent yourself. The most important thing right now is to realize that we have to lean on people more than ever.
There’s an opportunity right now in front of you, given by the grace of God, to get ahead of everybody on the planet. While people are messing around in all the stages of grief, you have the opportunity to pass them up. You may ask yourself “Kaylee how do I do that?” Well I’ll tell you what to get started on right now.

1- Get to full acceptance as fast as possible. Be honest with yourself about where in the grief cycle you are. Do the inside work to fully believe in the reality that’s around you and not lie to yourself – it’s not just about saying words out loud.

2- Look at all of your assets and liabilities. Assets and liabilities mean different things to different people and somebody else’s liabilities can become your assets. Do not forget this. The way that I look at assets and liabilities is if it cash flows, it’s an asset. If it does not, it’s a liability – get rid of it. For example, I just sold all of my designer purses. It’s just stuff, and if it doesn’t make me money or passive money, I don’t want it.

Literally write your assets and your liabilities down. If you need help, reach out to me. I have a really cool chart that will help you to make it very clear.

3- Get rid of anything that does not help you. When I say this, I mean it. Are you looking at social media and watching people bitch about how bad is it is? For me I’m noticing a lot of people are drinking more than normal which kills your brain cells. While I occasionally drink and don’t judge being in denial and depression, it’s not something I want to fill my head with because that’s not the stage of grief that I’m in. I’m over here working my butt off getting light years ahead of everybody else.

Whether it be a family member, a pet, a place you live, stuff in your closet, relationships, debt, not having enough knowledge to do something – things are not going to move forward until you cut it off and cut the fat.

4- Focus on everything that you do have. Whether it be your kids, spouse, health, body, grandparents, etc. – be focused on what you do have.

5- Get back to disciplining yourself to produce revenue. Look at your contracts, your contacts, and renegotiate.

6- Make a list of your product offerings.

7- Make a list of your contact/partner list.

8- Have someone hold you accountable.

We all have a choice right now, we can:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Do it alone OR
  3. Do it together

Right now, it is more important than ever to support our partners/ contacts and ask for help. We are here for you. We are truly motivated to make a large impact. And it will happen quicker together!
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