What makes us the #1 Women-lead multifamily investment firm?

Why people should choose APQ: We solve common problems that individuals in our industry do not. These include but are not limited to, flexible financing terms, boots on the ground in every apartment deal, because of our small size of a team we are able to make quick decisions, we are passionate about our community […]

Emotions and Women in Multifamily Real Estate

There are not a lot of women in multifamily real estate. I am going to give you my take on why this is the case. I think the reason that there aren’t very many women in real estate or rather, in commercial real estate and especially multifamily, is that it’s a good old boys club. […]

Moving forward after a loss

You know, everything right now is NOT AS WE KNOW IT. And never again will life, the economy, relationships, business, etc., be “as we knew it.”The faster we get to acceptance, the faster we can succeed.As you probably know, everyone goes through five stages of grieving after a loss. If you can be radically transparent […]

Living with Purpose

Living with Purpose in My Personal Life   In my personal life it’s also important to be RADICALLY OPEN MINDED and RADICALLY TRANSPARENT. Similar to the things stated above, let people focus on their strengths and if you’re going to assist someone- focus on their self-proclaimed weaknesses. If you are a tough-love coach on someone’s […]


It’s time to let go. It’s time to stay off my phone. Everything has been delegated. I expect reports to be completed today and presented to me Monday. If they are not, it’s time to talk (a verbal warning), next step is a written warning, and the last resort/third step is a termination meeting. I […]

You are worthy

Each of us could easily name all the times we compromised on something to support someone else or for the “greater good”…  Go out for a drink after I’ve worked back-to-back late nights to talk about that bad date? I got you.   Spend my Saturday mitigating family drama over FaceTime? Of course.  Bring my laptop […]

criticism you can learn from

There is criticism which attacks your weakness. There is criticism which attacks your strengths. How to be aware of which to listen to

Monte Carlo


This entry is a COUPLE DAYS TOO LATE. Scratch that stop apologizing! I will get great at that I swear! As I was alone in Monaco after my friend left, I realized my time is shortening.  We only had two full days total and needed four,  I would say. We went to different regions of the south […]

Starting to Build the Machine


Starting building the Machine- Collecting my thoughts this morning, and a lot has been changing in the past two weeks or so. In business, I have formed a new team for a big 300 unit deal coming soon.  We are currently in the negotiating phase and in set and final on our offer. We are working […]

WHO I AM and what I stand for

If you want to get to know me it will take more than a glance or a guess. My history, my motivation, my spirit is more unique than anyone that I have ever met. That is not bad or good, I am just a little more complex to understand than most I have met. My […]

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